Now the garden is fairly established, we have evolved a calendar of events, some for fun and some to keep the garden developing.

We advertise events on the new noticeboard by the garden gates and via QECF Local events guide, which you can sign up for by e-mail (for a Friday evening e-mail).

In general, we could arrange open-to-all meet-ups:

  • On Sunday or Monday afternoons (our regular garden volunteers sessions) that are also holidays. In the past these have included Boxing Day, Easter Monday, Bank holidays. In 2017, we also had a Little Get Together in June because the Big Walk was passing through Cambridge.

  • For national garden events like October's Wildlife Trust/RHS' Wild in the Garden.

  • To coincide with garden and allotment gluts. In 2019, we will probably just have a regular swapping table in the garden.

  • For ecology... when we have volunteers to lead sessions. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, we have had an annual bat watch and overnight moth trap in early July. For 2017, we did a late-summer moth trap but didn’t find many species.

Typical calendar of garden and wildlife management tasks (information from County Council resources):

  • January to March: construct new ponds;

  • April to May: plant pond plants; cut some summer meadows and remove cuttings;

  • April to August: water establishing trees, shrubs and hedges and keep the bases weed free;

  • July and August: cut tussocky grass, other kinds of meadow, and remove cuttings;

  • September to October: Plant bulbs under trees; Prune trees (not all fruit trees) and shrubs; Sow some kinds of meadow; prune buddleia after flowering;

  • September to November: clear fallen leaves from ponds; remove excess plant growth; keep a patch of pond surface ice free; Cut spring meadow and remove cuttings;

  • September to December: Collect seeds and grow on in pots;

  • September to January: install bird, bat and hedgehog boxes;

  • October to November: cut summer meadow and remove cuttings;

  • October to January: clean out bird nestboxes and remove old nests;

  • October to February: Plant trees, shrubs and hedges in frost-free conditions;

  • November to December: plant butterfly garden;

  • November to February: trim hedges.

Last updated: 3 May 2019