When the garden is more established, we can evolve a calendar of events, including around management jobs - either for regular volunteers to tackle or by one-off working parties.

We advertise events on the new noticeboard by the garden gates and via QECF Local events guide, which you can sign up for by e-mail (for a Friday evening e-mail).

In general, we like to have open-to-all meet-ups:

  • On Sunday or Monday afternoons (our regular garden volunteers sessions) that are also holidays. So these can be Boxing Day, Easter Monday, Bank holidays.
  • For national garden events like: RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, October's Wildlife Trust/RHS' Wild in the Garden.
  • To coincide with garden and allotment gluts - Queen Edith's Abundance on a Sunday in mid-August.
  • For ecology... when we have volunteers to lead sessions.

Typical calendar of garden and wildlife management tasks (information from County Council resources):

  • January to March: construct new ponds;
  • April to May: plant pond plants; cut some summer meadows and remove cuttings;
  • April to August: water establishing trees, shrubs and hedges and keep the bases weed free;
  • July and August: cut tussocky grass, other kinds of meadow, and remove cuttings;
  • September to October: Plant bulbs under trees; Prune trees (not all fruit trees) and shrubs; Sow some kinds of meadow; prune buddleia after flowering;
  • September to November: clear fallen leaves from ponds; remove excess plant growth; keep a patch of pond surface ice free; Cut spring meadow and remove cuttings;
  • September to December: Collect seeds and grow on in pots;
  • September to January: install bird, bat and hedgehog boxes;
  • October to November: cut summer meadow and remove cuttings;
  • October to January: clean out bird nestboxes and remove old nests;
  • October to February: Plant trees, shrubs and hedges in frost-free conditions;
  • November to December: plant butterfly garden;
  • November to February: trim hedges.

Other (Inter)national ecology events

See the new Cambridge Wild page for other useful links.

Last updated: 13 May 2017