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What was Cambridge Wild?

  • Until 2018, it was a programme of wild places - and wildlife-related events in July in Cambridge.

  • Until 2018, an informal network of people and groups interested in wild spaces, wildlife and how people interact with them.

  • In 2017, a portal to other resources (see below). Two-page summary list to print.

    If anyone wants to take a lead in this project, contact us and we can connect you with others.

8 July 2017: A close encounter with a lesser elephant hawkmoth at Nightingale Garden

8 July 2017: A close encounter with a lesser elephant hawkmoth at Nightingale Garden

Portal to other resources

Local listings of wild places - and projects

  • Cambridge colleges have wonderful gardens, some formal, some quite wild, some alongside the river, and most open, at least sometimes, to the general public. There are, however, restrictions during exam time and Kings' College charges non-residents for admission.

  • Local Nature Reserves - owned and managed by either/or City Council or local Wildlife Trust. There are also smaller City Wildlife Sites, but some of these aren't accessible to the public. Lots of opportunities for supported volunteering: Barnwell East; Barnwell West; Bramblefields; Byron's Pool; Coldham's Common; Logan's Meadow; Nine Wells; Paradise; Sheep's Green and Coe Fen; Stourbridge Common; West Pit

  • Wildlife Trust nature reserves in Cambs: Beechwoods; Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits; Fulbourn Fen; Skaters' Meadow; Trumpington Meadows

Local events and regular activities including bioblitzes and citizen science

  • Bioblitz Cambridge - annual (usually, July) event - (see Museum of Zoology website).

  • Hobson's Brook Bioblitz - started in June 2017.

  • Conversazione - annual event in the Zoology Dept (free to enter), with lots of displays and opportunity to see what local individuals and groups are getting up to (see CNHS website).

Local groups, attached to wild places

Local groups with specialist interest and/or attached to habitats

National and local Citizen Science events, by month

National - apps

National groups, local places, citizen science resources

National resources for sustainable and wildlife-friendly gardening (and making community gardens)

National - especially for young people

Last updated: 28 July 2019