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What is Cambridge Wild?

  • A programme of wild places - and wildlife-related events in July in Cambridge. We especially like them to be free to access for all ages and abilities. We don't currently have any funds to support these but can help promote them and, maybe, find extra volunteers (see below).
  • An informal network of people and groups interested in wild spaces, wildlife and how people interact with them - we are based in and around Cambridge and most of us are volunteers (see below).
  • A portal to other resources (see below). Two-page summary list to print.

Programme of events in July 2017

 8 July: A close encounter with a lesser elephant hawkmoth at Nightingale Garden

8 July: A close encounter with a lesser elephant hawkmoth at Nightingale Garden

  • Cambridge Natural History Society - had a visit to Wandlebury on 5 July and have a Field study at Coldham's Common on 20 July (events page).
  • Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook tried to do a nature walk along the brook on Tuesday 11 July at 6.30 but the weather was awful.
  • Friends of Rock Road Library did an informal wildlife-themed activity for children on Saturday 29 July from 10am - there was also an abundance produce stall that morning.
  • Nightingale garden and Wulfstan Way - had a bat walk and overnight moth trap  (on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 July) and some mini-beast hunting (on Sunday 9 July). We did something 'pollinator' at Wulfstan Way shops around the new rain gardens (on Saturday 15 July). Free. A4 poster. Nature Spotting sheet - can be used between events at Nightingale.
  • Orchard Park - did their third annual wildlife safari (on Sunday 9 July - activities page), 5.30 to 7.30; meet outside the Travelodge, Chieftain Way CB4 2WR. Free, fun and informative; suitable for all ages and abilities; children under 13 need to be accompanied by an adult. Experts on hand for ID.
  • Wildlife Trust - Cambridge Local Group: East Pit glow-worm survey - Weds 26 July from 10.15pm; Guided walk - Orwell Clunch Pit SSSI, Saturday 8 July 10 am to 12. Small charge.
  • Wildlife Trust - at Trumpington Meadows - Lovely Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) was on Friday 7 (2 to 4pm and 9pm) and Saturday 8 July (8 to 9am). Fornightly Foray Thursday 20 July. Small charge.
  • Wildlife Trust and Scudamores: Bat punt safaris - Friday evenings from May to September (really good!). There is a charge for this but it benefits the Trust.

Informal network of  people and groups

All are welcome to join in our Facebook page. Places and groups that formally took part in the July 'weekend' in 2016 include

Portal to other resources

Local listings of wild places - and projects

  • Cambridge colleges have wonderful gardens, some formal, some quite wild, some alongside the river, and most open, at least sometimes, to the general public. There are, however, restrictions during exam time and Kings' College charges non-residents for admission.
  • Local Nature Reserves - owned and managed by either/or City Council or local Wildlife Trust. There are also smaller City Wildlife Sites, but some of these aren't accessible to the public. Lots of opportunities for supported volunteering: Barnwell East; Barnwell West; Bramblefields; Byron's Pool; Coldham's Common; Logan's Meadow; Nine Wells; Paradise; Sheep's Green and Coe Fen; Stourbridge Common; West Pit
  • Wildlife Trust nature reserves in CambsBeechwoods; Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits; Fulbourn Fen; Skaters' Meadow; Trumpington Meadows

Local events and regular activities including bioblitzes and citizen science

  • Bioblitz Cambridge - annual (July) event - but not in 2017 - (see Museum of Zoology website).
  • Hobson's Brook Bioblitz - starting in June 2017.
  • Conversazione - annual (June) event in the Zoology Dept (free to enter), with lots of displays and opportunity to see what local individuals and groups are getting up to (see CNHS website).

Local groups, attached to wild places

  • Abbey People - neighbourhood association for North East part of Cambridge. Projects include the Margaret Wright Community Orchard, by the football stadium. Frequent events throughout the year. Would love more volunteers.
  • Cambridge City Council - including Tree Strategy (about why trees matter and how they will be looked after); Guide to 'Greening your garden'.
  • Cambridge Past, Present and FutureManage Wandlebury Country Park and Coton Countryside Reserve and look after the Leper Chapel, Bourn Mill and Hinxton Mill.
  • Cambridge University Botanic Garden.
  • Christ's Pieces Residents Association.
  • Empty Common Community Garden - wildlife friendly food- and community-growing at the end of a City Council allotment site and next to Hobson's Brook. Frequent activities and they would love more volunteers.
  • Friends of Bramblefields. Bramblefields is one of the city’s local nature reserves.
  • Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook - well-established group with many activities during the year, including nature walks, litter picking, biodiversity monitoring. 
  • Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall - very active group with frequent activities.
  • Friends of Coldham's Common.
  • Friends of Coleridge Rec - can't find a website.
  • Friends of Ditton Meadows.
  • Friends of Histon Road Cemetery.
  • Friends of Histon Road Rec - not sure this is the best website.
  • Friends of Nightingale Park - no website currently. The Nightingale community garden project is turning a  disused bowling green into a garden for everyone to enjoy.
  • Friends of Midsummer Common - have a large community orchard, next to a wild common by the River Cam.
  • Friends of Mill Road Cemetery.
  • Friends of Milton Country Park.
  • Friends of Rock Road Library - has a small community garden in the front and back of the branch library (with a heritage-variety orchard), created and managed by volunteers. They like to garden in a way that is wildlife friendly. Some events of interest during the year. Would love more volunteers.
  • Friends of Stourbridge Common.
  • Friends of the Roman Road and Fleam Dyke. The Roman Road and Fleam Dyke are important archaeological sites as well as valuable chalk grassland habitat.
  • Hobson's Conduit Trust - very established group, involved in custodianship of this important water supply to Cambridge - exciting new projects in development - and a new website expected soonish.
  • Jesus Green Association.
  • Magog Down. The Magog Down is an area for restoration, conservation and informal recreation on the Gog Magog Hills just south of the boundary of the City of Cambridge. It is owned and managed by the Magog Trust and covers 163.5 acres of previously intensively farmed arable land.
  • Orchard Park Wildlife Project - community group in a new development in North Cambridge. Frequent activities and would love more volunteers.
  • Queen Edith's in Bloom - new RHS-affiliated group, part of Queen Edith's Community Forum,  aiming to make this area of South Cambridge better for wildlife and people. Projects include Nightingale Garden (this website), 'a biodiverse garden for everyone to enjoy' in a former bowling green in a City Council recreation ground near Addenbrooke's (which includes annual - and a perennial Pictorial Meadows). For Summer 2017, a new RHS-funded Greening Grey Britain project: Wulfstan Way Raingardens, with 28th Cambridge cubs and the RHS Outreach team.
  • Trumpington Community Orchard - well-established orchard created and managed by a community group. Frequent events and they would love more volunteers.

Local groups with specialist interest and/or attached to habitats

National and local Citizen Science events, by month

National - apps

National groups, local places, citizen science resources

National resources for sustainable and wildlife-friendly gardening (and making community gardens)

National - especially for young people

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