21 June: No Little Nightingales in the afternoon - we need to prepare for the Get Together in the afternoon - come along then instead?

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About the sessions - when

The sessions are on most Friday afternoons from 1.30 pm to 3 pm. It was designed as a short session before school pick up.

Within those times, it is drop-in, - stay-as-long-as-you-like, and free. There is a garden donation tin for any cash donations you might like to make.

We like to finish on time due to the availability of helpers, one of whom needs to go back to work afterwards.

What we do

We meet for a very informal, tea and biscuits in the garden.

It is especially for expectant parents or other carers of babies and very young children. It is a time to relax, chat, welcome new people and share tips.

It is outdoors and so very weather dependent, so check the home page of this website for notices before venturing far. We also put notices on the QECF facebook page.

The club hut will be open for those who want some quiet time with their baby.

What to bring along

Bring along suitable drinks and snacks, including to share.

We don’t have external funding for this project and it is just volunteer-led. We hope we can be sustainable by just sharing and mucking in. It would be really great if we had more helpers come along who don’t have children to watch out for.


If we have to cancel, including due to bad weather, there is a good playground across the park with a new bench.

There is a good Coffee shop on Wulfstan Way, which is usually open at the same time, and the Queen Edith pub across the road might cope with families on an afternoon. Rock Road Library is open from 3 to 6pm on a Friday and has a very good children’s library and a nice garden.

What we can’t do

The group isn’t a playgroup - we don’t have the space or resources to store lots of toys.

We won’t be turning the garden into a playground - we have a very good one across the park.

While you are with us, similar to anywhere else in the park and playground, you need to keep a close eye on your children. The garden is large, has a pond, spare wood and other things that could be hazardous.

The Friday sessions aren’t a time for children’s gardening. In fact we try not to do any gardening during those hours. Children and tools don’t mix well. From our experience, small children and public gardens don’t work very well either. They can be surprisingly destructive, which spoils the enjoyment of the garden for others. We especially can’t ensure the soil is safe for bare hands.

Sometimes, if there aren’t too many children, we can need to do a bit of watering but this takes up helpers time and we don’t like to waste water.

Pavilion demolition and re-build

We hope, in 2020, there will be a new pavilion in the park and the Group could move its base there. While the pavilion is being demolished and re-built, we might need to stop the Friday sessions because we might lose power, water and toilets in the garden. The timetable for this is still very unsure. We have a slight idea it might be after the end of July 2019 for at least six months.

Why we started the group

In the garden, we get lots of people with prams and small children coming along and thought we would try out a short session just for them - so they can get to know each other.

Useful links

  • Little Bundles - will accept donations of unwanted things and people with a referral can accept them - a bit like a food bank.

Last update 19 April 2019