New 'Bird Cafe'


Today, one of the Friends of Nightingale Park worked alongside the Grow Places Gardening for Health group to install some new birdfeeders in the garden (page about the cafe).

We hope these will encourage lots of birds to visit the park, especially in time for our RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on Saturday 30 January at around 8 to 9am, with some hot drinks until 10am.

We have put most of them along the far path so birds can hop from the hedge and trees onto to them - this is a safe way for them to feed. We can call this 'The Bird Cafe'? We also have a dustbin lid to install for ground-level water in this area - we can add some pebbles to it too.

We have at least two cats who visit the garden so hopefully they won't come prowling too much; I saw one today looking for a bit of feathered tea.

Thanks to Folma, Richard and Tim for very generously providing the feeders and all the tasty food of all varieties.

Update: 26 January: We now have two local Friends who have volunteered to keep the feeders clean and topped up. If you'd like to make a donation for bird food, it would be very appreciated - the birds are very hungry at the moment. We will have a collecting bowl at the birdwatch or contact us.

Poster for birdwatch event on 30 January 2016.