Meadow sowing - for people and wildlife

On Tuesday, it was a beautiful sunny, warm day, especially ordered for meadow making. We were: Guy and Dan from the Council,  the gardening for health group, invited Friends of Nightingale Park - and a few Addenbrooke's staff on their lunchbreak.  

First we raked and then sowed, by broadcasting or using the hurdy gurdy machine, the six Pictorial Meadow beds. We had Grandstand (2 beds), Contrasting (2 beds), Pastel (one bed) and Sundance (one bed) mixes, all weighed out. Some of them are very tricky to work with, especially the ones with minute poppy seeds. Guy and Dan were doing four that day and another two later in the week - they are going to be very accomplished by the sixth one (or exasperated).

We also started to prepare a bed outside the gates for Grow Wild flowers, did a bit of edging and mowing, repaired two donated chairs (which are very comfortable), dismantled pallets, started to make some tables, cut the ailing rosemary bush back... and probably a few other things - but it was a languid day.

We noticed some bees taking interest in the Bugpolis (we must finish drilling the holes for them), found a blackbird egg and spied lots of butterflies, including peacocks. So, it is not just humans enjoying the garden!