Dome making


One of our group has donated the funds to buy a Hub dome-making kit, and another couple have donated the broomsticks (from Ebay).

Over the past few weeks, Julian and Justin have spent a lot of time cutting the sticks and leftover plastic wood blocks to size and drilling holes in the ends for the connectors.

Last Sunday, we assembled it for the first time with help from some local families. It is quick to assemble - about 20 to 30 mins.

Next step is making a doorway, and also we think we will paint the short and long sticks different colours (or stripes of). Then it will be ready to play with over the summer in the garden and also at the Share Fair on 8 September at Wulfstan Way. We won't leave it up unattended though because it is very tempting to try to climb on and isn't build to withstand that. They can be used in gardens and plots as fruit cages or greenhouses.