Green-roofed veranda area

In June, we were successful in a recent bid for S106 'developer' funding for a green-roofed veranda. On 16 July, we had our first planning meeting with Guy from the Council (who will hold the budget) - aiming to create it in Spring 2019.

Our thoughts so far are to:

  • Make a flat, paved area immediately in front of the club hut. Have it open, and accessible, on at least two sides. Make a sturdy wooden structure above it, with a biodiverse green roof, overlapping the front of the existing club hut roof. This would be seeded predominantly with native (chalk grassland) plants ('wildflowers') with some sedums and maybe bulbs for extra interest.
  • Make a fixed bench, simple moveable table and have some cheap garden chairs. So people can sit and enjoy the garden at any time in the shade.
  • Re-clad the club hut and add a serving hatch, for regular volunteer sessions and events. This would help ventilate the club hut too.
  • Make some small raingardens at the base of some drainage chains at the front.
  • Add some more bug hotel 'infills'.
  • Add some noticeboards and chalkboards.

We still have some homework to do...

The Nightingale Gardeners Group will discuss this on Sunday 22 July at their second meeting (1pm in the garden). Let us know if you have any ideas.