Looking forward to having a polytunnel

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 06.26.34.png

We had a very useful Group meeting recently (notes are on the gardening page).

One item was to discuss the size and function of the polytunnel, which was funded (with S106 contributions) in June 2019.

We aim to order it in February 2020, and site it in front of the trees to the East of the club hut.

It will be 12 x 20 ft and have one side with a low bed for growing produce in the Summer, with staging above it in Spring and over winter. We will keep most of the area weed protected so we can use it flexibly for pots and also for learning sessions (and meetings). It will have double sliding doors at both ends so it can be accessible to wheelchairs and scooters. Looking forward to growing in it - especially since we seem to have rain most days at the moment…