August 2018: sunflowers on a Glebe plot

August 2018: sunflowers on a Glebe plot

The ‘Plot shop’ has now reopened, including for seed and potato collection. It closes again in August.

This is NOT the official Rock Allotment Society website or webpage but until one is created, we can put dates, details, messages here.

Several of our Nightingale Gardeners are also plotters.

If you contact us, we can forward messages to the Secretary etc. Unofficial Facebook page.

Official e-mail contact:

About the Society

The Rock Allotment Society is over 100 years old. It has four sites: Baldock Way (Glebe Rd end), Glebe and Holbrook (either side of Pig Passage, between Glebe Rd and Holbrook Rd) and Perne Rd. The sites are all on City Council land.

Trading centre

The trading shed 'shop', on Baldock Way, opens on Sunday mornings from 11 to 12 from mid-January to late October/early November but is also closed in August. 

If you are a plot member, or join as an Associate (for a small annual fee), you can buy discount seeds (and other things) from Kings, seed potatoes and other gardening supplies (via the City allotment consortium). Kings orders can be done online or on paper. Potato order are just on paper. Gardening supplies are just 'on the shelf'.

Having this at the heart of our community saves people lots of trips to local garden centres. 

The prices are very competitive, especially for seeds. They have big bags of compost and bamboo sticks, weed membrane, watering cans etc. Quite a lot of the stock is suitable for organic gardening. And the person helping you probably has advice on using it too.

Volunteer Matthew (heroically) runs the trading shed and is always looking for volunteers to help. The opening hours could be different or longer if there were more volunteers to help. If you contact us, we can forward any enquiries to him.

Getting a plot

If you would like a plot, do contact the Society. There are 100s of plots, they turn over often (Cambridge people move a lot) and there will probably one for you. You might have to wait a while to find one in the perfect spot and you might find it requires a lot of work at first, which puts some people off.

I think they let 1/2 plots in the first instance but I think you can have 1/4 ones.

The committee isn't very 'strict' but it upsets neighbours if plots aren't kept in reasonable order. There is a new project to make some 'easier gardening' raised beds at Baldock and Holbrook - contact the committee if you are interested.

Some dates for 2019:

  • 27 January: plot shop re-opens for potato and seed orders.

  • 2 June: Rock plant sale, times to be advertised, probably around 10 to 12.

  • 14 July: Open Morning as part of Cambridge Vegetable Festival

  • 17 July: AGM, at St John’s church, 7.30pm.

2018 dates:

  • 18 July 2018: the Society AGM.

  • 2 September 2018: trading centre re-opened.

  • 8 September 2018: third Abundance stall at Queen Edith's Share Fair.

  • 30 September 2018: last day for ordering seed potatoes and Apple Day.

  • 28 October 2018: last day for plot renewals, paper seed orders (they arrive in January) and 'shop' closes for the winter.

Last updated: 14 May 2019