Here we list things we are ready to do, things we'd like to do soon and things we are a bit unsure about and would like your ideas and comments. Please don't help yourself to any of the things on the list - we like to have a garden co-ordinator present to ensure we do things safely.

Plants: we are often planting up new beds. If you are splitting garden plants and are likely to have spares do contact us.  

Things we are ready to do

  • Back border - could do with some trimming back.
  • Benches - re-varnish, probably when the garden isn't very busy so people don't sit on wet varnish. 
  • Bird box boulevard - we have put two of the boxes too close together - we need to move one of them.
  • Bulbs in the pavilion - need planting and/or giving away. Going to buy some more alliums too.
  • Compost - always needs turning.
  • Fruit tree row - need to finish preparing it for planting from December - currently working on a plan. 
  • Hedge - usually needs a bit of gentle trimming back - makes it easier to mow.
  • Leafmould - the two-year stuff needs spreading and space making for the new season's.
  • Grass edging - lots around the green - needs finishing.
  • Living willow area - make two more hazel arches, in-fill with hazel. In season (December plus) plant living willow.
  • Minibeast Mansion - need re-stuffing and protecting from the beasts that keep messing with it.
  • Seeds - collect from best flowers in the meadow.
  • Stinky plant food - needs using and replenishing.
  • Pond edges - clear or tidy dried annuals.
  • Water supply structure:  we have almost finished making a structure around the tank. 
  • Weeding - usually lots.
  • Worm dig bed - needs an attractive edge to it.
  • Woven hazel fence - clip back cable ties and maybe add fresh willow ties.

Planning for next season.

We could do with taking stock of what we have grown from seed and small plants this year - it is the time of year to buy seed. Some plants did really well and others struggled with soil, drought and/or hot weather. Some plants were really popular and others less so. Some plants too a lot of watering or slug pelleting - and we don't want to use nets. The following annual produce plants could be grown (again):

  1. Basil - did well in the raised beds - just grow regular sweet basil.
  2. Beetroot - did well in the raised beds (probably choose the packs of mixed colours).
  3. Carrots - children really liked pulling them.
  4. Chard - did well in the raised beds (white ones are better); can do coloured mixes in the ground too.
  5. Chop Suey Greens Shungiku - fast Autumn crop as baby leaves.
  6. Climbing French beans - especially the purple ones - in the A frames. 
  7. Coriander - did well in the raised beds - need to sow in succession. 
  8. Dwarf French beans - did well in the raised beds but we planted them too densely. Have ordered some purple snap beans that hold the beans above the leaves - easier to pick.
  9. Garlic - bulbs planted September 2017.
  10. Garlic (Chinese) chives - try again in the raised beds (didn't germinate in 2017) - or find a plant.
  11. Leeks - a few planted.
  12. Lemon verbena - popular with tea drinkers.
  13. Lettuce - did well in the raised beds - probably choose the packs of mixed cut and come again - try to have a later crop too.
  14. Physalis - would be good to try in 2018.
  15. Potatoes - especially first earlies (in two planters). Ordered.
  16. Radishes - did well in the raised beds - packs on order. 
  17. Rocket - did well in the raised beds - grow one type in succession. Need to order dragons' blood.
  18. Runner beans - did well. 
  19. Scented geraniums - popular with tea drinkers.
  20. Spring onions - did well in the raised beds - try red and white ones. Seeds on order.
  21. Sweetcorn - even if we don't get much crop, they look good.
  22. Turnips - some pretty purple and white seeds on order.
  23. Winter salad mix - try in raised beds.

Less keen on: aubergines (unless we get grafted ones); broad beans (masses of black fly this year); mint in the raised beds (it dries out - better in the ground); onions (take up too much space in the raised beds - fine in the narrow beds - planted radar in October 2017).

Fewer plants: courgettes - the one in the raised bed was a bit of a thug (they take a lot of watering); parsley (did well but we had a lot of it and it dominated the beds); spinach - takes up a lot of space and not very pretty or popular; tomatoes (they got early blight).

Won't try to grow: brassicas such as chinese cabbage/mustard greenscabbagekale, pak choi (caterpillars eat them too readily); celeriacchillies (do better indoors and slightly worried about kids handling them and then their eyes); cucumber (too much watering and space); dill (don't think anyone picked it); fennel bulbs (don't think the soil will be good for them and a bit tall for the raised beds).

Things we are almost ready for:

  • Croquet set: we have been donated a very old croquet set - or at least the hoops and a couple of mallets and a few balls. We will need to find some coloured pegs and have a finishing pegging-out post that needs painting. They might be fun to play with in the green area. 
  • Interior of club hut: clean and paint/varnish the floor. We need a long dry day, without lots of people around.

Things we'd like to do but are missing some resources or information:

  • New storage areas - have applied to Aviva Community Fun for indoor storage of garden and woodworking tools and a safe tool-free area for children (and schools). We'd like a covered area for secure storage of wood too. 
  • Club hut: we'd like to re-clad the front (with insulation), replace the window with a serving window/hatch, put some ply on the door and repaint the outside. Will try crowdfunding in 2018 - but need a plan first.
  • Veranda - it would be great to have a paved/decked area with shade from the sun and rain. We have the start of a plan.
  • Covered outdoor cooking area including a cob/earth oven. We have the start of a plan.
  • Outdoor furniture: we have been given a bench to fix to the front of the club hut (after it is re-clad). 
  • Wheelbarrow planter - another one of our 'tip' barrows finally died on us but we think we could make a planter out of it. Not sure where though.

Things we have recently completed:

  • Asparagus bed - the plants, grown from seed are small but look good - September 2017.
  • Bay tree: planted a donated tree - October 2016.
  • Benches - nine have been restored and arm rests installed - April 2016. They could do with another coat of stain.
  • Bird box Boulevard - August 2016.
  • Bird Cafe - January 2016.
  • Blue chairs - repainted August 2016.
  • Box plants in new perennial bed - February 2017
  • Bugopolis - re-made August 2016
  • Broad bean bed - December 2016.
  • Bumblebee nest pots - February 2016 -  installed to the left of the entrance gate.
  • Cold frame - two down, one to go - April 2016.
  • Comfrey (and teasel) bed - July 2016.
  • Compost bins - January 2016.
  • Corner shrub bed - May 2017. 
  • Club hut interior - new shelves, hooks, blackboard, noticeboard and removing the old carpets - December 2016.
  • Club hut roof and guttering: repaired in December 2015/January 2016.
  • Crocus borders - planted up November 2016.
  • Daffodil and narcussis planting - November 2016.
  • Dogwood hoops on gate - July 2017.
  • Fig tree - January 2017.
  • Geckos and butterfly - repainted and installed August 2016.
  • Grass paths to club hut - January 2017.
  • Hardwood raised beds - December 2016.
  • Hatracks - re-stored - April 2016.
  • Hazel fence around the pond - March 2017.
  • Hedgehog feeder - November 2016 (now turned into a hibernating zone because we were just feeding mice!).
  • Herb raised bed - December 2016.
  • Hollyhock bed: new bed by the entrance ramp - planted with daffodils and two small hollyocks being grown on first - November 2016. 
  • Jerusalem artichoke bed - May 2017.
  • Leaf bin - January 2016 - and second one in February and then two more over the summer.
  • Log circle - April 2016.
  • Low bench - repainted August 2016.
  • Minibeast mansion - May 2016.
  • Mini pond - May 2017.
  • Mint bed - February 2017.
  • Mown paths - June 2016.
  • Narrow beds - all hand-prepared by March 2016 - and four extra ones where the raised beds will be - April 2016. Edged April 2017.
  • Native hedge - January 2017. 
  • Passionflower wigwam - July 2017
  • Path edging - we found every edge to the tarmac twice. The high turf was graded down in height. 
  • Paving by club hut - May 2017.
  • Perennial beds - from September 2016.
  • Perennial sown meadow - February 2017.
  • Plant Plaza - stand for plants (or marrows!) - March 2016.
  • Pond and decked area - designed and created by Guy Belcher, The Gaskin Brothers and garden volunteers. November 2016. 
  • Pond-dipping benches - two made by April 2017.
  • Raised beds - made in October 2016 by Guy and Julian- just need filling and planting.
  • Redcurrant and crabapple bed - June 2016.
  • Rhubarb row - February 2016.
  • Runner bean A frame and climbing French bean wigwams - May 2017.
  • Scented bed around Lorna's bench. June 2017.
  • Spud planters - April 2017.
  • Stepping stones - cast in concrete, with seashells and ammonites - November 2016.
  • Stinky plant food urn (for plants): May 2017.
  • Sunflower bed - May 2016.
  • Sweetcorn bed - February 2017.
  • Sweet pea wigwam - April 2016, re-located in 2017.
  • Sweet pea supports: four woven red dogwood balls - May 2017. 
  • Table tops - two made - April 2016.
  • Trestles - four made - for use for a workbench or table (April 2016).
  • Veg ditch 2 - July 2016.
  • Waterbutt stand: January 2016 and six waterbutts - March 2016. 
  • Woodpile - April 2017.
  • Wormery - April 2016.

Last updated: 13 October 2017