Cambridge-wide green tool library

We'd like to gather, and purchase, items for a new green tool library project for groups to use [we think the logistics of individuals borrowing them would be much more complicated].

We have gathered unwanted tools from:

  • Recycling events.
  • Milton Tip.
  • Emmaus.
  • Donations from local residents.

We have purchased some tools:

  • With cash donations from supporters of the garden, including social walkers.
  • With a small grant from the RHS for our Greening Grey Britain project at Wulfstan Way.
  • With a small grant from the South Area Committee's Community grants - for specialist equipment for people with disabilities or who are older.
  • With funding from Queen Edith's Community Forum, including at events.

In the longer term, we aim to assemble equipment that groups: 

  • Might need in sets (e.g. several of one type);
  • Might need for a range of ages and abilities (designed to be suitable for children, more-frail adults or disabled people or children);
  • Just use once or twice a year;
  • Don't have space to store;
  • Would like to try out before buying.

We hope this will support and encourage community groups to organise more-varied events and activities for a broader range of participants.

We'd like to gather, and eventually purchase tools for:

  • Gardening and conservation;
  • Ecology and citizen science (e.g. bat detectors, moth traps);
  • DIY and repairs (especially woodworking);
  • Food harvesting and processing (e.g. apple presses etc, pasteurisers, dehydrators);
  • General items need for events (e.g. gazebos, folding tables, display items).

We will also need to find storage for these tools, preferably distributed around Cambridge. And sort out repairs, documentation, insurance etc.

At any collection events, we will also aim to have information about other local tool-gathering projects - such as Cambridge Tools for Self Reliance (they don't want garden tools).

For more information contact us.

Last updated: 7 May 2017.