‘We have less rainfall here than Barcelona’ Cambridge Water Company website

This page is about our investigations and celebrations of all things water in the garden.

Mains water supply

Thanks to S106 funding, we now have a sturdy, lockable, standpipe with potable water (and a percussion tap for dog bowls), a  big trough for watering cans and a hose-compatible tap for topping the pond up. According to Water Company rules, we will turn this supply of in the Winter months to prevent burst pipes.

We will build some kind of wooden structure around the tank to disguise it and maybe make it easier to use the tap. 

Green roof and rain gardens

We'd like to make a green-roofed veranda in front of the club hut with some draining rain gardens. This would provide all-weather gathering space and could take some of the excess water from that area. We have applied for funding for this. We will work with Streets and Open Spaces at the City Council on this.

Watery issues for us include

23 February: rumours of water lurking under this chamber...

23 February: rumours of water lurking under this chamber...

  • Collecting rainwater - we have six retired wheelie bins hooked up to two downpipes;
  • Managing waterlogging, for plants and also moving around, especially on wheels;
  • Managing thirsty plants;
  • Choosing and tending to drought-tolerant plants;
  • Finding ways for people who have disabilities (or who are a bit frail) to water plants easily and safely - we need to do more on this - we could do with purchasing some new watering cans;
  • Providing water, and damp (or dry) places, for biodiversity;
  • We have made water features for enjoyment and learning - a bog garden and pond. We'd like to make a green roof, rainwater gardens;
  • Learning how we can do these things simply and economically - maybe even for free...

Useful links

See the new Cambridge Wild page for useful links.

Last updated 5 April 2017