Next drop-in gardening sessions: Monday 16 and Sunday 22 September, 2 pm to 4.

  • Monday 16th first thing. Welcome rain expected this morning, hopefully finished by this afternoon.

  • We will miss a garden session on Sunday 13 October due to non-availability of co-ordinators.

All welcome - even if you don't want to garden, we like to share hot (or cold) drinks and chat - 'Gardeners' Tea at 3' (flyer). Always keep an eye on the weather forecast and we will put updates here. 

If there are a lot of small children running around, the adult volunteers can find it a bit stressful to work safely alongside them - we can't always watch the tools we are using - so please can you keep the children within your sight and attention.

New short video of the garden, its people and wildlife. Also: FunPalace video - on Sunday 8 October 2017. Many thanks to Chris Rand for the expertise - we love them.

About the garden...

The Nightingale community garden project is turning a  dis-used bowling green into a biodiverse garden for everyone to enjoy.

We are in a corner of Nightingale Park, across the Hills Road from Addenbrooke's hospital and biomedical campus in South Cambridge (visit us).

This is a website written by regular garden volunteers, who work alongside, and under the direction of, City Council Streets and Open Spaces (SOS).

Funding the garden project: We have been quite successful making applications for funding for the larger changes to the garden, but are also supported by individual donations.

In May 2018, we started a new constituted group (with its own bank account), Nightingale Gardeners, details of which are on our gardening page. If you like what we do and would like to support the garden project contact us but we also have a kitty tin in the garden during our Sunday and Monday sessions and at garden events and this now goes to our new bank account for everyday expenses.

Last updated: 16 September 2019

21 June: the garden was very colourful. On most months, a good place to explore - or just sit and think…

21 June: the garden was very colourful. On most months, a good place to explore - or just sit and think…