Visit us

Our usual opening hours: the garden aims to be open every day from at least 10 am to at least 6 pm (March to September) and to at least 3 pm (October to February). It can be open longer into the evening, depending on when volunteers are able to open and close the gate. If you, especially, would like it to be open at a particular time contact us.

We like to keep it locked at night from all visitors and dogs. This is for the security and privacy of neighbours, and also it gives the wildlife a rest.

Where is it?


We are the other side of the Hills Rd from Addenbrooke's and the biomedical campus. Nightingale Avenue is level with Red Cross Lane and leads to Queen Edith's Way. 


  • Car park/parking: there is a small car park for park users only (3-hour limit), and you can usually find a space. Saturday morning can be much busier because of the visiting junior footballers. We have requested a sign for disabled parking but nothing has happened. There is only limited on-street parking nearby and it can upset the neighbours, so please try to visit by foot, cycle or public transport.

  • Cycling: we tend to bring our cycles into the garden but there are also railings around the playground. We are (still) awaiting some new cycle racks by the gate. In June 2017, we had an unlocked cycle stolen from within the garden so strongly advise you to lock your cycle anywhere in the park or garden.

  • Playground: there is a very good playground next to the car park, with railings to keep dogs out.

  • Public transport: several buses usually stop on Wulfstan and Queen Edith's Way but there will be changes to the services from 1 September 2019 (for about 6 months) while the Fendon Way roundabout is being changed. From 1 September 2019: Stagecoach buses: service update. Or it is a short walk from the Addenbrooke's bus station.

  • Sports and leisure: there are two free turn-up-and-play tennis courts and a multi-use games area (for basketball or all-weather football); a trim trail (outdoor gym); outdoor table tennis table and a 0.5 mile peripheral path (walking and running). All free!

  • Toilets: there are some very basic (free) public loos in the old pavilion across the park and a RADAR-key accessed disabled loo. They are unlocked at about 9 am and locked at about 5pm (or 7pm in the Summer) - on the Council website it says 8 to 7pm. In 2019, we hope to get a new pavilion and so also new loos but these might have a small charge (we are asking for there not to be a charge).

  • Food, drink, shops: there is a very good Coffee Shop at the park-end of Wulfstan Way, the new Queen Edith Pub is opposite (opens at 12 noon), which we like a lot, and a few shops. There are several cafes and shops on the Addenbrooke's site.

If you'd like a guided tour, contact us. Regular garden volunteers will be in the garden working (and eating biscuits) every Sunday and Monday from 2 to around 4pm (weather allowing) - with 'Gardeners tea at 3'. 

Last updated: 28 August 2019